TypeTraits.h File Reference

Galois type traits -*- C++ -*-. More...

#include <boost/mpl/has_xxx.hpp>

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struct  Galois::needs_parallel_break< T >
 Indicates the operator may request the parallel loop to be suspended and a given function run in serial. More...
struct  Galois::does_not_need_push< T >
 Indicates the operator does not generate new work and push it on the worklist. More...
struct  Galois::needs_per_iter_alloc< T >
 Indicates the operator may request the access to a per-iteration allocator. More...
struct  Galois::does_not_need_stats< T >
 Indicates the operator doesn't need its execution stats recorded. More...
struct  Galois::does_not_need_aborts< T >
 Indicates the operator doesn't need abort support. More...
struct  Galois::has_fixed_neighborhood< T >
 Indicates that the neighborhood set does not change through out i.e. More...


namespace  Galois

Main Galois namespace.

Detailed Description

Galois type traits -*- C++ -*-.


Galois, a framework to exploit amorphous data-parallelism in irregular programs.

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There are two ways to declare a typetrait. First, with a typedef or other valid name declaration:

 struct MyClass {
   typedef int tt_needs_parallel_break;

The second way is by specializing a function:

 namespace Galois {
   struct needs_parallel_break<MyClass> : public boost::true_type {};
Andrew Lenharth <andrewl@lenharth.org>

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